SA Impex

India is one of the worlds largest food grains producers, the second largest vegetable and rice producer, which makes it one of the worlds largest agricultural powerhouses. The global agricultural trade on a sustained rise coupled with robust economic growth across the world, the Agro sector has number of trade opportunities in its offing, which is an important contributor to Indias growth story. The total food production in India is likely to increase substantially in the coming years, which will create enormous opportunities for large scale investments in food and its warehousing, logistics management and processing.

Our organization is involved in the import/export of agricultural products including, sesame seeds, Kabuli chickpeas Peas, Peas, Beans, Grains & Cereals, Spices and more. We guarantee customer satisfaction through employment of a variety of quality-control measures in the production, processing and packaging. Agriculture products supplied by us conform not only to the standard quality but also its functional properties. We are a client-oriented firm and are committed to timely deliveries and competitive prices. We believe in strengthening customer relationships through our expertise, efforts and sincerity.