Fertilisers & Feed-Stock

Fertilisers & Feed-Stock

About the Group

Five decades ago, Mr. S. K. Jain formulated a vision far ahead of his time - a model to ensure the food security of the growing population through enabling the use of high quality and cost effective fertilisers to boost agricultural production. This foresightedness led to the establishment of a company for the export, import and distribution of various commodities from different corners of the world. Starting with only a few metric tons of export and import, Mr. Jain and his son Mr. Sanjay Jain accelerated the growth of the company at such a rate that today we are successfully marketing millions of metric tons of fertilizers annually from regions like Russia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Businesses under Jyoti Group:

The success of jyoti group Corporation combined with our intend to provide the best of services to our clients in other domains as well, led to the establishment of the Jyoti Group. The Group allowed us to expand our wings in various fields and it was only a matter of time that our new businesses made a mark for themselves in their respective fields.

Jyoti Group

Founded in 1969, this unit acts as a representative of the former Soviet Union, African, Middle Eastern producers and other international suppliers, for importing approximately 2 to 3 million tons of fertilizers annually into India.

Sangam Theatres Pvt. Ltd

Sangam Theatres (P) Ltd. is the entertainment business vertical of the Jyoti Group. Sangam Courtyard is our first step in the direction to provide people with state-of-the-art entertainment and leisure facilities.

Sangam Theatres Pvt Ltd

A sublime fusion of entertainment and culinary perfection.

Situated in the heart of South Delhi, Sangam Courtyard is an upscale hub for premium dining and entertainment. Featuring a diverse bouquet of exclusive high end restaurants and cafes such as Delhi Club House and Starbucks, Sangam offers a luxurious culinary experience with a plethora of national and international cuisines for you to choose from. Sangam is also the place to be for a delightful cinematic experience with the latest releases at PVR to cater to all movie mavens.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Jyoti Group strongly believes in the philosophy of giving back. We understand our responsibility as a corporate citizen in all areas of our business. We take our role for the welfare of the society very sincerely, and for that we make endeavors that lead to sustainable community development.

Jyoti Charitable Trust, established in 1978 by Late Sh. S. K. Jain, was one such step by the Group. Back then, the Trust provided various medical facilities at bare minimum charges to members of underprivileged families, in and around Nazafgarh, New Delhi and nearby villages. Full medical care was given to them with utmost care.